Someone once said, “When your name is on the project, your reputation is on the line.” The founders and executive staff are highly respected names in their fields. They all embrace a clear vision and are willing to put their expertise and reputations on the line to see it come true! As businessmen founders Jim Britt and Jim Lutes have established proven track records of professional success. These recognized leaders have chosen to combine their expertise with their passion and vision to build a company that would benefit their partner-Affiliates and serve to enrich people’s lives personally and financially. Their philosophy of “making a difference” for each individual product user, and in each Affiliate’s life, is the foundation that drives this extraordinary company.

Our mission is to be REAL in a not so real world. Getting real, being real and creating real change.

We are committed to offering the best in personal and professional development and empowering our Affiliate-partners and customers to live their lives to the fullest. We are dedicated to building a global community that strives each day to become better, build deeper relationships and achieve more.
We know that the success of Quanta will be directly related to helping people learn, grow, and change. Every product and program offered is designed to enable both Affiliates and customers to achieve whatever level of success they desire. We applaud your decision to become a member of the Quanta team by adding your name to the project!

The Affiliates of Quanta are a thriving mixture of many different kinds of people, from every background, from every part of the country, from every economic level and from every social stratum. Some are experienced business people; others have no experience. Some are highly educated; some are not. Some are shy; some are aggressive; and some seek financial independence, while others want extra income, and all are as diverse as the World population. But all Affiliate-partners are alike in one way: They all have dreams that can become reality…and that’s what has drawn them to become a member of the Quanta family.

As we grow together, you will see our philosophy in action. We will meet all challenges head on. We will reward performance with support. You will not out-perform our capacity to serve you.

You are now in your own business. Everyone with a business of their own started with an idea, a desire to learn and to be a success. They then combine it with both commitment and hard work. These are people just like you who got tired of the nine-to-five routine, tired of working for someone else, tired of building someone else’s dreams, who have now decided to go into business for themselves. Others before you, and just like you, have shown it can be done and in a big way. And you can do it too!

Make a commitment that doesn’t allow for turning back. Got it? Can’t quit! Then put your desire for success behind a clear-cut plan, and success will be yours!



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See You At The Top,
Joseph Montes

Joseph Montes
Ninja Marketing
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Joseph "The Ninja" Montes

I am Social Media Marketing Specialist, skilled and deeply experienced with the use of social channels for business in order to drive increased consumer engagement, brand awareness, and sales. The majority of my career has been spent in social media marketing. Social channels such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and WordPress have emerged as primary communication channels and key marketing platforms, I provide strategic, tactical help to businesses and individuals seeking an effective, business-results focused presence within the platforms most applicable to their specific goals. I provide social media marketing training and coaching for clients in corporate, non-profit, and individual providing in-depth strategic training with social channels including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and WordPress. Given the rapid evolution of the social space, in particular the shift to mobile social consumption, presenting new and emerging platforms to achieve client goals is an ongoing service. I am highly skilled in the development of robust Facebook Brand Pages, Twitter profiles, Pinterest business profiles, LinkedIn business and personal profiles, Instagram accounts, G+ business pages; content development and sourcing, and I have tremendous community management experience in these channels.

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