MLSP or Empower Network – Which One?

I have been getting a ton of questions lately from people wondering if they would be better off using MLSP (My Lead System Pro) or Empower Network (EN), or whether they should use both, and why.

So, to answer your questions I figured I’d do a simple breakdown so that you can decide which system is best for you, or if you’d like to use MLSP and the Empower Network together like I do.

First I’ll explain each product on it’s own so that you can get a general idea about what MLSP and the Empower Network are separately, and then I’ll talk about the benefits of using them together (which is what I’m currently doing).

What is MLSP (My Lead System Pro)?

MLSP (also known as My Lead System Pro) is a powerful attraction marketing system that helps people brand themselves and attract people using the internet. It’s a great way to attract highly qualified prospects to you and to become the ‘hunted’ instead of the ‘hunter’.

One of the things I absolutely love about MLSP is the type of people that this system attracts. The leads that I generate through MLSP are people that are either:

  1. In the network marketing industry but struggling to make money, so they are looking for either a new company, a new upline, or a system that they can use to get better results in their business.
  2. Not in the network marketing industry yet, but looking to get in, and they’re looking for a leader and/or a system to join to help them succeed once they get in.
  3. In a network marketing company and completely happy with their company but they are simply looking for a system to help them take their business to the next level.

So, what happens is that when I contact the leads that come through my MLSP funnel, they are thrilled to hear from me because they know that I have something that can help them (my MLSP system, my leadership, my primary company, or all 3). This is much different than what I was experiencing before MLSP when I was talking with people who had little to no interest in what I was sharing with them (when I was buying leads, sometimes they would even hang up on me!).

MLSP consists of a complete system to help you start capturing highly targeted leads, including:

  • system campaigns that are ready to go
  • dozens of customizable capture pages to choose from that will help you brand yourself as a leader online and
  • 30+ pre-written autoresponder emails (that you can use with your existing Aweber, Get Response or GVO service if you already have one).

*The autoresponder emails and the capture pages within MLSP have been written by some of the best copywriters in the world so they convert like crazy (and you’re able to customize them as much as you like as well).

There are also 18-19 affiliate programs built into the system, so it’s a great way to be able to earn a significant stream of income even from the people that are not interested in joining your primary company.

MLSP is also what I like to refer to as ‘internet marketing university’. The backoffice contains hundreds of recorded webinars and videos to teach you different marketing strategies and different techniques within each strategy. For example, if you choose Facebook as the strategy you’d like to learn, you can watch all of the different videos about ways to market on Facebook until you find a technique that you like and then just start implementing daily to get amazing results. All of these trainings are taught by the top producers within MLSP and they literally show you exactly what they’re doing to get the results they’re getting… so you can simply copy what they’re doing to attain similar results.

For more information about MLSP, click here.


What is the Empower Network?

The Empower Network is a viral blogging platform that was set up to help people start building their businesses immediately without having to take the time to learn how to create their own website.

For $25/month you get your own blog that’s ready to go so that you can start blogging immediately. It has the SEO Pressor Plugin built in to help people make sure they are optimizing their posts for the greatest exposure, and because everyone is blogging on the same domain it is an authority site which makes it much easier for people to get their posts to rank on the search engines.

The Empower Network offers an awesome affiliate program that pays 100% commissions.

There are several products within the Empower Network. As long as you own a product, you are eligible to make 100% commission on it, and the blog you are given with your membership is set up to do the selling for you (we get to leverage the expertise of David and David to sell for us so that we can simply focus on creating content).

The Empower Network is an excellent platform for a newbie in the world of internet marketing who doesn’t want to learn all kinds of marketing strategies, but just wants to focus on blogging. It’s also great because, since the blog has banners and highly converting videos built in that sell the Empower Network, people can literally blog about anything they want and create a significant stream of income.

To learn more about the Empower Network, click here.


Why Would I Want To Use MLSP & The Empower Network Together?

I could literally talk all day about MLSP and the Empower Network separately, but what I want to focus on for the sake of this post is how these 2 systems work hand-in-hand and why someone would want to consider using both as I do.

I love the simplicity of the Empower Network for people who just want to start out by blogging, and the fact that it pays 100% commissions is awesome because it gives people the funds to invest in whatever marketing strategies that they learn and like within MLSP.

I love the branding aspect of MLSP (I love attraction marketing and being able to brand yourself properly is a big component of it). MLSP teaches you how to brand yourself and gives you the tools to do it, and then when you link your personal blog to your Empower Network blog it speeds up the process (this is because of the fact that the Empower Network blog is an authority site so it will help you drive way more traffic to your personal blog).

The other thing is that both MLSP and the Empower Network are affiliate programs so they will both create additional streams of income (much of which is residual), which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Using MLSP and the Empower Network together is really just a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

Click here for more information about MLSP.

Click here to join MLSP

Click here for more information about the Empower Network.

Click here to join the Empower Network


*Please know that if you join MLSP or the Empower Network with me, you will not be left high and dry. I am committed to helping everyone on my team succeed with these systems.*



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Much Success,
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